August 2012

Live chat on autism and immune dysregulation

Autism Speaks hosted a live chat with Dr. Paul Patterson, whose work I cite, apropos of the NYT article. Interesting questions. Good answers.
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People, lots of interest in my recent NYT op-ed. I’m posting a source list below. I’ll add more later, so check back. The literature on autism and inflammation is extensive, as is the literature linking autism to autoimmunity. But this should provide a solid entry-point for those curious to know more. I’m including reviews when possible. Easier to read for lay people, and they also contain extensive citations for tho
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Pig whipworms, microbes and ulcerative colitis

A study just began at NYU looking at how porcine whipworms change the microbiota of patients with ulcerative colitis. P’ng Loke is leading it. He conducted an earlier study on a fellow who’d acquired a human whipworm infection, and sent his ulcerative colitis into remission. (I tell this guy’s story in the book. It’s remarkable.) A major find to come from Loke’s case study was that resto
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Book Has Arrived!!!

Two years in the writing. Dozens of scientists in the interviewing. Thousands of abstracts in the skimming. Countless papers in the reading. Scores of books in the accumulating. Many metaphors in the dreaming up. Lots of writing and rewriting and re-rewriting. Days, weeks, and months of subconscious synthesizing. Nights and nights of fact-checking. And finally the finished book has arrived —  white cover, solid
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