November 2012

Epidemic on WICN Public Radio

Epidemic on WICN Public Radio out of Worcester, Mass.
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Is autism really genetic?

Last month, Ars Technica reviewed Epidemic. The write-up mostly works like a synopsis. But in the final section, the review veers into a kind of reality distortion field. Immune dysregulation is not implicated in cancer, cardiovascular disease or obesity, the reviewer proclaims. Yet inflammatory involvement in all three is fairly well established, at this point. It’s verging on old news, in fact. Some recent reviews
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Radio blitz of Austin

Epidemic did a radio blitz of Austin in late October. The shows are put out by People’s Rx. Links below. Good News Health Show Segment begins around 23:00 Healthy Choices Segment begins around 13:30 Let’s get Healthy Segment begins around 65:50
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