July 7, 2015

Celiac and pesticides

I’ve gotten a few emails in response to the NYT “gluten myth” piece asking how I could ignore pesticides in the celiac question. Interesting you should ask (and it’s something I want to look into) While reporting, one scientist did in fact mention pesticide residues in food as a possible explanation for the rise of celiac. When I asked for evidence in support of the idea, however, he said that
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Notes on the Gluten Myths

I have a piece on “gluten myths” in the NYT Sun Review. It’s received a fair amount of attention. And I’ve received a few unhappy emails. So a few clarifications: The piece in no way argues that people who have problems with gluten shouldn’t go on a gluten free diet. In fact, it acknowledges the robust evidence of a real increase over time in celiac disease. And although this isn’t
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